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Mike Pompeo urges UK to prioritise allies in Huawei decision

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has again criticised the UK government’s decision to allow Huawei involvement in the construction of their 5G network, when speaking in London. Speaking at the Centre of Policy Studies, Pompeo invoked the name of Margaret Thatcher, asking “would the Iron Lady be silent when China violates the sovereignty of nations, through corruption and coercion?” This is in reaction to Theresa May’s decision to allow the Chinese company to aid the construction of ‘non-core’

Germany opens massive Intelligence headquarters in Berlin

The newly unveiled Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) HQ located in Berlin is now home to the world’s largest intelligence service in terms of geographical size. The new site, with a footprint of 25 hectares has cost an estimated £870m to construct. The complex, using 135,000 cubic metres of concrete and 20,000 tonnes of steel, took 12 years to complete. Its creation has proven controversial, as it was finished significantly later than expected and over-budget. The completed site is located in the

US Missile Defence Review endorses space technology

The US Missile Defence Review pushes for space-based sensors to find and destroy incoming missiles. The review specifies that this is crucial in combating the increase in threats by ‘rogue’ states against the United States. The delayed plans include a laser-based defence system, capable of tracking down and destroying incoming projectiles. The review calls for studies to be conducted before constructing such a system, which would weaponize space for the first time. Information that surfaced

UK to ramp-up anti-drone restrictions

The government has announced that all major UK airports will be equipped with anti-drone technology, following sightings at Gatwick and Heathrow. This comes after a government consultation on the matter. The military were called in to handle drones seen at Gatwick airport, a scene that lasted for three days, grounding hundreds of flights and affecting 140,000 people. There were further disruptions at Heathrow, the worlds second busiest airport, however with less significant ramifications. Af

20-Year-Old Arrested in German Data Theft Probe

German Police have made an arrest over a mass leak of politicians’ personal data. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel was among those who had their data gathered and published on Twitter, along with a host of other German politicians. According to the BBC, around 1,000 politicians, celebrities and journalists were targeted by the cyber-attack. This may well be the largest attack of this kind in German history. The data leaked included private messaging conversations, financial records and contac

British Army pushes to recruit 'Phone Zombies' and 'Snowflakes' in new campaign

The British Army is promoting posters and television adverts aimed at the younger generation in a new recruitment drive. The poster designs hark from Lord Kitchener’s ‘Our Country Needs You’ World War One posters. However, the refreshed prints target the younger generation of ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’, including “snowflakes”, “phone zombies” and “selfie addicts”. The Army claims this is to undercut and dispel national stereotypes, by highlighting the strengths of young people. The Mini

Understrength German Army looks to the EU for personnel

German defence ministers are seeking experts from EU countries, to compensate for the shortfall of workers in medical and IT sectors in the army. This comes after years of under-investment and ceasing conscription in 2011 after fifty-five years. Defence Chief Eberhard Zorn claimed the German army (Bundeswehr) sorely lacked highly skilled workers, such as doctors and IT specialists. Zorn told German publication Funke that EU citizens in uniform were to be considered, but strictly in the aforem

Huawei Meets Global Criticism over 5G Implementation

The Chinese telecommunications manufacturer Huawei faces strong, united international criticism from a plethora of states, raising security concerns over their 5G mobile telecommunications equipment. Australia, The United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom have all expressed security doubts regarding the equipment being used for espionage. Countries also fear that private firm Huawei has significant ties to the Chinese government. Huawei has denied th

Malaysia and Singapore's Maritime Territory Clash

Neighbours Singapore and Malaysia have been tangled in a web of accusations and finger-pointing concerning Malaysia’s move to extend their maritime boundaries into Singaporean territorial waters. Malaysia has extended its port limits from Johor Bahru, significantly pushing Malaysia’s maritime borders eastwards beyond those previously shown in a 1979 map. Between November 25th and December 4th, Malaysian vessels have reportedly sailed into Singaporean waters 14 times, leading Transport Minister

A close look at homegrown terrorism and the Prevent Strategy

Homegrown terrorism, inspired by extremist thought, provides one of the largest threats to our national security in the modern era. The Henry Jackson Society, a foreign policy think-tank, carried out a report comparing terrorist attack data between 1998 and 2010, with data from 2011 and 2015. It was concluded that seventy-two percent of all ‘Islamism-related offences’ were perpetrated by people holding British dual or single nationality. Forty-seven percent of these offences were committed by p

Home Secretary: 'Real people' don't need end-to-end encryption

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has made remarks suggesting a shocking misunderstanding of messaging apps that use end-to-end encryption, saying that they aid terrorism. Taking aim at messaging apps like WhatsApp, Rudd wrote in The Telegraph that end-to-end encryption is “severely limiting our agencies’ ability to stop terrorist attacks”. Rudd met with major technology companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft in a California summit on Tuesday. In a joint statement, the companies involved said

Australian authorities thwart terrorist plan to down airliner

Australian authorities have successfully stopped a terrorist plot to down an airliner, with police raids in Sydney. Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull described the raids as a “major joint counter-terrorism operation”, which has seen the arrest of four people, and the seizure of a “considerable amount” of material. This material would’ve been used to create an “improvised device” to use in the attack.

US shuts down need for UN Security Council meeting over North Korea

The US has stated that it won’t call for an emergency UN Security Council meeting over North Korean missile testing, as there is ‘no value’ to the meeting. US ambassador Nikki Haley has stated that a meeting with the UN Security Council would only succeed in telling North Korea that the UN is reluctant to seriously challenge it. Ambassador Haley said in a statement that there would be no point in a meeting as it would “produce nothing of consequence”. As well as this, she said that North Korea

Data flows in a post-Brexit Britain

Some Brexit critics have argued that Brexit will lead to decreased data sharing and threaten our national security. However, the government has assured that Brexit won’t alter existing data flows. A recent House of Lords report, ‘Brexit: The EU data protection package’, provides information as to how Brexit could affect existing data and trade flows. It states that cross-border data flows to the UK are extremely important, with trade in services accounting for 44% of the UK’s global exports. F

Government refuses to publish extremism funding report

A report into the foreign funding of extremist groups will not be published by the government, prompting criticism from opposition parties. The report, commissioned by David Cameron, was set to examine the UK funding of extremist groups in places like Saudi Arabia, which has been recently highlighted as a hotbed for Islamic extremism. At first, this enquiry was launched with a deal in the coalition government: the investigation would be carried out in exchange for Liberal Democrat support for

Location Based Social Media and its Impacts on Society and Security

Location based media platforms like Snapchat’s so-called ‘Snap Map’ and Pokemon Go have received mixed responses in terms of their effects on society and personal security. Both the ‘Snap Map’ and Pokemon Go use location based mapping resting on harmless premises. They aim to create a fun way to interact with your friends and the environment. For example, Pokemon Go uses your location based data to enable you to catch nearby Pokemon, whilst measuring your step counter to achieve certain goals i

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DesignMedix gives up after failed trial

Portland State University spinout DesignMedix has shut down after its phase 1 trial for an antimalaria treatment caused side effects. DesignMedix, a US-based drug developer spun out of Portland State University (PSU), has closed after a failed phase 1 trial of its antimalarial drug, according to the Portland Business Journal. Sandra Shotwell, co-founder and chief executive of DesignMedix, confirmed to the publication that the spinout had gone out of business at the end of March. Founded in 20

Scioto Biosciences scans series B funding

Genome and Company has acquired a majority stake in Scioto Biosciences following its contribution to a series B round that will be sized at up to $26.5m. Scioto Biosciences, a US-based developer of brain and bowel disease treatments, has secured up to $26.5m in series B funding from investors including microbiome therapeutics provider Genome and Company, it announced yesterday. The unnamed additional investors will provide their share of the round in a later tranche, and Genome and Company has

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What is Infection Control in Healthcare? | Infection Control

Infection control in healthcare is an organisation-wide policy that aims to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It is also known to the World Health Organisation[1] as infection prevention and control, or IPC. This is a very important area in healthcare, because it applies to every single person who works in the sector. It aims to prevent healthcare associated infections (HCAIs). Policies should involve three key aims according to the NHS outcomes framework 2014/2015.[2] These goals are

What are the Five Basic Principles for Infection Control?

The five basic principles of infection control are using personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfecting surfaces and equipment, good personal hygiene, careful wound care and treating underlying diseases. Bacteria, viruses and fungi can all cause types of infection, and you need to protect yourself at work. This is especially important if you work in healthcare organisations like hospitals. However, good infection control practices can apply to a range of other organisations, like schools and

How Do you Meet Customers Needs and Expectations? | FAQs

You can meet customers’ needs and expectations by knowing your customers, listening to feedback and keeping an eye on your competitors. All three of these things help to make sure your customer service team is taking a customer centric approach. Apart from delivering a great product, one of your key responsibilities as an organisation is to provide an excellent service. To do so, you must make sure you are able to meet customer expectations and demands. This means you need to do some research.

What is the Best Way to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls? | Slips and Trips

The best way to prevent slips trips and falls is to make sure that walkways at work are clear of spillages, cables and other loose items. This is perhaps the main reason why people experience a slip trip and fall at work, because the area is really untidy. The untidier the workplace, the more likely an accident is to happen, and the less productive it becomes. As a result, good cable management is essential, as it can minimise trips and falls. In most workplaces they are all over the place, bu

How Can We Promote Environmental Awareness?

We can promote environmental awareness in organisations by drafting a green policy strategy, making a recycling plan, buying reusable items, turning off electrical appliances and going paperless. In an organisation, awareness of environmental issues starts from the top. If high-up bosses and managers set a good example, then employees will follow suit. Things that reduce consumption will lower the amount of air pollution your organisation generates and improve your carbon footprint. As a result

What PPE is Required for Working at Heights? | Working at Height

The PPE required for working at heights includes: Not only are single pieces important, but it is vital that items have “compatibility with other work wear”[1] to ensure maximum protection. These range from the more general pieces of personal protective equipment, to the more specialised. This type of work is naturally very dangerous, so you need to take all the appropriate safety precautions available to you. Using PPE given to you is part of your legal duties as an employee under the working

How Would you Respond to an Angry Customer? | Customer Service

You respond to an angry customer by remaining calm and listening carefully, not taking it personally, apologising and finding a solution. These steps are similar to those that help deal with customer complaints, but you need to make doubly sure that in this situation, you don’t make a customer even more angry. As a result, you need to be emotionally receptive. At some point in your life as a customer services employee, you will need to deal with an angry, upset or frustrated customer. Its perf

Why is First Contact Important in Customer Service? | Customer Service

First contact is important in customer service because you can gain an understanding of your partner, set the tone for your organisation, and ultimately make a sale that profits both sides. Ultimately, you only really get one chance to make a good first impression, and it usually lasts. This is because getting off on the wrong foot can jeopardise your chances of making a sale. This means that you only get one shot, so its really important that you show off your skills. To make a great first im

How do you Handle Challenging Customers? | FAQs

You handle challenging customers by being sympathetic, avoiding getting angry, getting the customer on your side and solving the problem in the most efficient way. In a customer service job, you must deal with difficult customers all the time. They may be angry, frustrated, upset or annoyed at a specific problem, or just at your organisation. Furthermore, they could just be wrong, but you need to deal with all situations effectively and professionally. It’s important to deal with these custome

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Working at Height? | Working at Height

Some of the do’s and don’ts of working at height are: • Do protect yourself against falls • Do as much work at ground level as possible • Don’t allow people that don’t have the appropriate training to work at height • Do use equipment that is in good condition and up for the task (i.e. certified and comply with latest health and safety quality standards) • Do make sure employees know about emergency procedures • Don’t forget to check the weather conditions before you go out to work • Don’t reach

What are the Infection Control Guidelines? | Infection Control

The infection control guidelines are the Health and Safety at Work Act (HASAWA) 1974, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002, and the Reporting Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 2013. Despite this, there isn’t really one specific infection control law in the UK. However, these three major set of regulations all touch on the issue. They also cover diseases with a small geographic coverage, as well as major risks to public health. I

What are the 4 Main Customer Needs? | Customer Service

The 4 main customer needs are a fair price, great service, strong product and feeling respected and welcomed. There are other needs that customers and partner organisations may wish for based on their specific circumstances. Although customers don’t always tell you exactly what they want or need, you must try and find out yourself by adopting a customer centric approach. This involves asking the right questions and listening to their concerns or wishes. The importance of customer service cannot

What are the Health and Safety Responsibilities of Employees?

• Taking care of your own health and safety, and making sure that you don’t threaten the well being of others i.e. colleagues and anyone affected by your work • Co-operating with your employer to attend training sessions and properly implement any policies they draft • Telling your employer when something is affecting your work especially if you operate heavy or dangerous machinery • Not mis-using any health and safety equipment that is either given to you or part of the workplace (e.g. persona

What are the Five Elements to be Considered in a Risk Assessment?

The five elements to be considered in a risk assessment are: • Analysing and assessing the levels of risk Risk assessments are really important for all workplaces, be it offices, construction sites or workshops. They are “a ‘suitable and sufficient assessment’ of risks to your employee’s health and safety”.[1] No matter how safe you may think your work space is, you always need to do an assessment to identify all of the risks no matter how minor. As a result, if something poses a threat to heal

Why is Environmental Awareness Important? | Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is important because it has positive effects on environmental health, sustainable development and reducing global warming. Organisations play a huge role in this process. They can set good environmental standards for employees, and the general public. They can do so by staying compliant with the UK and EU rules and regulations that promote green practices. By doing so, they build a positive public image and people will use their resources or services more. The single mo

How Often is Legionella Awareness Training Required?

Legionella awareness training is required regularly to keep your control measures up to date. In some cases, like changes to the water systems or an outbreak of legionnaires disease, you may need to update your training right away. Training itself is a legal requirement, as employers must take appropriate steps to safeguard their employee’s health and safety. However, in the legislation, there is no legal requirement to refresh or renew training courses every certain number of years. As a resu

What is the Purpose of Environmental Awareness?

The purpose of environmental awareness is to educate people in how we are damaging the environment and promote ways to change our course. The thought process is simple: if people do not know about how we are damaging our earth, then how can we begin to tackle the problems? Therefore, environmental awareness intends to inform people about how they damage the environment, often in ways they don’t even realise. Not only does it aim to do this in the public sphere, but also in organisations. Organ

What is Good Customer Service? | Customer Service

Good customer service is an in-depth knowledge and experience of the products you offer, being able to quickly solve problems with clear communication, and helping customers make the right choices for them. Customer service can make or break a consumer’s experience of an organisation. Essentially, it is the “support you offer your customers – both before and after they buy and use your products”.[1] It is a crucial component of any successful organisation, as it can build customer loyalty so th

What is the Difference Between a Slip, Trip and Fall? | Slips and Trips

The difference between a slip trip and fall is: • A slip is a loss of traction because of loose or uncertain footing on the ground, leading to a loss of balance e.g. a slippery floor • A trip is when you come into contact with an object that causes you to lose your balance e.g. you trip over a cardboard box • A fall is a result of a slip and trip, when there is no support below you, and you fall for a certain distance e.g. you fall off a ladder These things also differ in the types of injuries

Why are risk assessments important? | Managing Risk

Managing risk is important because it protects employee health and safety, creates a safe working environment, saves resources and makes sure you are compliant with the laws. If you stick to your legal duties and plan ahead, your organisation will run efficiently. Most of the time, this involves completing a risk assessment. In doing so, you identify hazards, their risk and consequences of them. As a result, you must implement strategies and measures to control them. The risk definition is as
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